ExerSci is a clean and simple workout log that features the ability to track multiple metrics for each exercise. It helps fitness enthusiasts ditch the paper notebook or spreadsheet to spend less time logging and more time working out.

Building a Workout Toolbox

Our Work

Unlimited Exercises

Create unlimited exercises that can be customized to fit the need’s of each user.

Unlimited Workouts

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Detailed Statistics

Track any/all metrics for an exercise including reps, resistance, distance and duration.

Workout Schedule

Use the calendar view to see your workout history/frequency. Schedule and set custom reminders for your upcoming workouts.


  • Mix cardio and weight lifting values for your most complex exercises. No longer are you forced to choose between cardio OR lifting.
  • Show/hide sets for an exercise for easier workout navigation.
ExerSci Create Exercise Screen

Honorable Mentions

  • Apple Health tracking

  • Weekly overview charts with complex visuals

  • List of complete editable history

  • Export and restore data from backup files

  • Onboarding/tutorial screens

  • In-app purchase for upgrading to a PRO subscription


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With a unique design we accomplished a slick and easy to use workout log. On average users save 10 minutes of time logging their workouts per session compared to traditional notebooks. The app is seeing great feedback from it’s ability to mix and match various exercise metrics.

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